Frenni Transport

Family concern, Frenni Transport, started out as a furniture manufacturer, taking its name from a nearby mountain in West Wales. The furniture manufacturing operation was eventually closed, but its transport business has thrived. Today, the company undertakes general haulage and is a member of the Palletways network.

"We wanted a couple of nearly new vehicles for the business and we approached The attention to detail in their sales pack was so impressive, we literally bought two '57 registered Volvos over the phone with confidence. We run a lot of Volvos and opted for two FH13 Globetrotter XL's in prestige trim with leather seats.

Matt and his team were smashing. We really enjoyed the whole experience of buying from Maritime. Their whole approach, quality and after sales service has been faultless, unbeatable!"

"I can't praise enough, their whole approach is faultless..."