Richard Clapham Transport

A long-running passion for transport and an ambition to run his own haulage were the catalysts for Richard Clapham to set up Richard Clapham Transport. Attracted by the 'Buy with Work' scheme, Rich got in contact with Matt Heath to see if the scheme could work for him.

"I got my 'O' Licence in January (2012) and really did my homework on the best places to source my truck. That's when I came across and the 'Buy with Work' scheme. I needed to get set up quickly, with guaranteed work to gain experience, so the scheme suited me to a 'T'. As I was new to the game, I wanted to view the trucks up close to see what I was buying. When I visited Matt, he showed me a range of Volvos and recommended an '08 plate FH13 Globetrotter with I-Shift, which fitted the bill perfectly.

Starting out from scratch was quite daunting, so it's really reassuring having Matt's number to hand if you need any help or assistance along the way. The team at Secondhandtrucks offers a great service, which is really personal, so you know every little detail is properly taken care of from start to finish. I am already up and running with my vehicle, in full livery, together with a wealth of knowledge and advice from Matt and the 'Buy with Work' team."

"the team offers a great service and every little detail is properly taken care of from start to finish..."