Are You DVS Compliant?

From 1st March 2021 all HGVs weighing more than 12 Tonnes (GVW) entering or operating in Greater London will need to hold a valid HGV safety permit to avoid paying a penalty charge notice.

Direct Vision Standard measures how much a HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows, to indicate the level of risk to vulnerable road users, such as walkers and cyclists, near the vehicle.

In order to comply, the government is granting a 90 day grace period, providing you can prove you have the work booked in to be fitted to your vehicle.

Secondhand Trucks Can Make You DVS Compliant

When enquiring about your next truck purchase, make sure to ask about our DVS Compliance packages.

Here at Secondhand Trucks we offer DVS Compliance packages on all our trucks, from Zero through to Five-Star rated starting at £760!

Zero-Rated Package Includes

  • Blind Spot Near Side (NS) Camera
  • Blind Spot NS Sensors
  • Left-Turn Audible Warning
  • In-Cab 7" Monitor

Make Your Next Purchase from Secondhand Trucks DVS Compliant Today! Call Our Transport Experts to Arrange!

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