Woodcock Transport

Dave Woodcock, owner of Woodcock Transport has run a successful family firm for over 35 years - a business his grandfather started in 1937. Now with his two sons Andrew and Steve, they all work hard to deliver exceptional customer service, looking after their clients' every need. They look for the same high standards and approach from dealers when buying trucks too.

"We run an all-Scania fleet, so we were looking for a reliable, top quality Topline to add to our operation. We approached secondhandtrucks.co.uk and opted for a '56 plate 480 bhp Scania painted in our livery with modified height reduced 5th wheel and larger fuel tanks. Matt and his team did us proud. We are chuffed to bits with the vehicle and I can't say enough about the service at secondhandtrucks.co.uk. Our driver loves the truck and we're getting great fuel returns too."

"We're chuffed to bits with the vehicle and our driver really loves the truck too..."