S&HB Transport

With a team of four drivers and a little help from her truck operating brother, owner Helen Bond, has run a successful haulage business in East Anglia for the last 13 years. The trucks travel all over the country pulling tautliner and fridge trailers from Felixstowe and Harwich and so driver comfort is as important as price when sourcing trucks.

"We usually run our vehicles for three to five years. The fleet is primarily Volvo and I was looking to replace an older FH12 Globetrotter. I went to the main dealers for a late year identical replacement and eventually did the deal on a '07 plate with secondhandtrucks.co.uk.

Matt and his team were brilliant, we had no problems at all and the truck came in our livery in perfect condition. The truck, price and service was so good, my brother bought one for himself from secondhandtrucks too. I can't recommend them enough!"

"The service at secondhand trucks was brilliant and the truck arrived in perfect condition..."