RH International

Based in Chipping Norton, Alan Hutt runs container haulage company, RH International. Back in 2009, Alan was attracted by Maritime's 'Buy with Work' scheme, particularly the offer of guaranteed work and the wide choice of vehicles available from Secondhandtrucks.co.uk, Maritime's fleet sales arm. Having met with Matt Heath and discussed the scheme and his options, Alan bought a '06 plate, Euro 3 Scania Topline and began operating out of Maritime's Southampton Depot. Four successful years later, Alan decided it was time to upgrade his unit and got back in touch with Matt again.

"The 'Buy with Work' scheme provides us with regular, guaranteed work. Some of the loads we undertake take us into London. As our Scania was Euro 3, it didn't comply with the latest LEZ regulations, so I went back to Matt to see what advice he could offer on upgrading to a newer vehicle. He suggested that our best option would be look at a Euro 5 '58 plate Mercedes Actros, which would provide us with the best fuel economy and comfort for our driver, as well as complying with the LEZ. The truck he chose for me was in exceptional condition with all the mod cons and he was happy to part exchange my old truck as part of the deal.

When it comes to the trucks, Matt really knows his stuff. He gave us sound advice in sourcing the vehicle that best suited our needs and more importantly, from personal experience, we were not treated as just another sale and forgotten about after the deal was done. The whole service we received from Secondhandtrucks and Maritime was fantastic. Together, they offer a complete package - great advice, first class trucks and plenty of work too. And the 'Buy with Work' scheme, you really do get it all - excellent fleet support, regular payments and most importantly, enough work to keep my new truck busy throughout the week!"

"The whole service is top-notch with great trucks, support and work throughout the week..."