One Step Beyond

Conference and exhibition specialist, 'One Step Beyond' transports stage and exhibition kits for major events all over Europe and beyond. They also work for theatre companies and ensure that the sets for the film premieres of some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters arrive on time for the launch. Owner, Darren Jackson, decided to go out on his own three and half years ago, having worked as a driver in the industry for over 17 years. Today, with five of his own vehicles, Darren has established an enviable reputation for quality and reliability by going that extra step.

"I was looking to extend the fleet, but because of LEZ regulations in London and now in many places on the Continent, I wanted a Euro 5 compliant truck. Having spoken to a number of dealers, I got the best deal for my money and hassle-free service from Matt and Sarah at They really took my enquiry seriously and I ended up buying a '07 plate DAF XF105 on the forecourt because it was immaculate and ready to drive away. With you can guarantee that the vehicles have been properly looked after from the moment they go on the road. Although I spend most of my time in the office these days, I plan to drive this truck until the novelty wears off. And if my work ever falls off, I know I can get work through too!"

"The best deal for my money, hassle-free service and a first class truck at"