Logicraft Limtied

Logicraft owner, Russell Fielding, has worked hard to improve the quality of his trucks and to carve out a successful brick and block transport business in the construction industry. His vehicles have to work hard for him too and for Russell, making a living is all about uptime of the trucks.

"I prefer the Volvo FH13 I-Shift automatic which is why I bought two 2007 ('07) Globetrotter XL's from secondhandtrucks.co.uk and extended the R&M packages with Volvo.

I speak as I find and I'm also the first to have a moan, but I can't sing the praises of secondhandtrucks.co.uk enough. Nothing was too much trouble. The trucks I purchased were new apart from the km's on the clock and they haven't let me down once. Dealing with secondhandtrucks.co.uk was genuinely a great experience and will be my first call when I am looking for another high quality tractor unit."

"The trucks were new apart from the km's on the clock. I can't sing the praises of secondhandtrucks enough..."