Jase Cleaver Transport Ltd


A driver for over 18 years for a general haulage operator, Jason Cleaver made a bold first step in setting up his own haulage business earlier this year. For Jason, it was an itch that had to be scratched and having weighed up all of the options he decided to go for secondhandtruck's 'Buy with work' scheme.

"I set up the business in February and had been looking around for a little while. I'd had a poor experience elsewhere, not getting the service I expected and contacted secondhandtrucks.co.uk.

I decided on a DAF and chose a '57 plate XF105. I got a really nice, clean vehicle with a complete service history and my own livery on the cab. I got an excellent service, everything I expected and more. Matt and his team were brilliant. When I collected my truck, I was given a trailer and my first job and I was routed back home again too!"

"An excellent service, everything I expected and more. I'll be back again for sure..."