GTI Logistics

With an eye for a good business opportunity, Jon Grover spotted an opening in the transport market and set up his own haulage company, GTI Logistics. Specialising in container transport, Jon quickly expanded, adding a second vehicle to his operation. When his current contract was due to come to an end, Jon started to look for consistent container work and came across Maritimes 'Buy with Work' scheme. With an opportunity to take regular loads into London, Jon needed to replace his Euro 3 Scania, so the 'Buy with Work' team put him in contact with Matt at Secondhand Trucks.

We knew that we could do a lot of work for Maritime within the LEZ, so I needed to upgrade my Euro 3 Scania pretty quickly. I was contemplating fitting a catalytic converter, but when Matt told me about the part-exchange deal he could offer, alongside the guaranteed miles I would get from Maritime's Buy with Work' scheme, it made far more sense to buy from Secondhand Trucks. When Matt ran over all of the vehicle specs and prices he had on offer, my driver and I particularly attracted to one of Matts '08 plate Volvo FH13's, so we placed the order over the phone.

We couldn't be happier with our new motor. Not only does the vehicle look as good as new, but it's driving like new, pulling containers far more easily than our V8 Scania and with a noticeable saving on fuel expenditure too. Matt made the whole purchase process really easy, everything was done professionally and to a very high standard. We didn't even lose a day's work to exchange the vehicles as Maritime arranged for my driver to take a load from Felixstowe to Tilbury, where he swapped his Scania for our new Volvo and moved onto his next job. An excellent service from a highly recommended company.

"Not only does the vehicle look as good as new, but it's driving like new..."