Cliff Toombs Transport

"With over 44 years in the haulage industry, there aren't many more experienced than Cliff Toombs. Specialising in powder tankers, Cliff has moved all types of bulk transport, from limestone to sand and cement in his time. You name it, Cliff has transported it. Leading up to his retirement, Cliff decided to become a sub-contractor on Maritime Transport's 'Buy with Work' scheme and decided to upgrade his Scania to a more comfortable, higher-specced model.

I had sold my old Scania for export, so I needed to upgrade quickly with a truck that would last me until retirement and would hold its value. Secondhandtrucks was recommended to me by a colleague because of their reputation for selling reliable, well maintained and top specced trucks.

The whole process went without a hitch, and the truck was just what I was after. Matt knew exactly what Scania would suit me best, so I didn't have to do any legwork. The finish of the truck is of such high quality, you wouldn't know that my '57 plate Topline wasn't brand new. It's such a good ride, I think I'll put my retirement back again!"

"My top-specced Scania was just what I wanted and so good, you wouldn't know it wasn't new...."