Alan Stephen Trucking


With a combined experience of 25 years in the transport industry, the majority of which they have spent working together, Stephen Carter and Alan Shuttlewood established the aptly named Alan Stephen Trucking in 2012. After obtaining their O Licence, the business partners began the search for their first LGV of many.

"We've both worked at Maritime, driving their vehicles every day, so we know they are highly-specced, quality vehicles that are meticulously maintained by the fleet department. With this in mind, we made our enquiries with Secondhandtrucks, as well as committing to our business plan and researching into a number of other suppliers. At the end of the day Alan and I make all business decisions as a team and deciding to buy from Secondhandtrucks was the easiest we've had to make to date! We agreed that nobody could match the standard of Secondhandtrucks vehicles or offer the Buy with Work deal, which means we could be operating from day one.

From the first day of working with Matt and the Secondhandtrucks team, everything ran smoothly. After deciding on a Euro 5 '08 plate Volvo FH13 as our first vehicle, we sat down with Matt to put together artwork for our new livery. The end result is a great looking truck that we are both really enjoying working in, the only obvious difference between our Volvo and buying new is that it came without the hefty price tag!

Doing business with Secondhandtrucks has been great. Both during and after the purchase, the service we have received has been exceptional. The Buy with Work offer meant that Alan and I were up and running with Maritime from the moment our Volvo was ready, working on a day and night operation, which suits us perfectly. The master plan is to add more vehicles in the future and when the time comes, Secondhandtrucks will be our only port of call."

"The only obvious difference between our Volvo and buying new is that it came without the hefty price tag!..."